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Kidney Stone Pain Relief

Kidney Stone Pain Relief In Minutes | Pass Your Stone Painlessly In 24 Hours Or Less

Kidney Stone Pain Relief

kidney stones preventionKidney stone pain relief

is a topic close to my heart. You may find this hard to believe, but as I sit here writing this my left kidney is starting to cramp with yet another stone. It’s true.

Soon, I’ll have to go get rid of the pain. Fortunately, I know the “secret” of how to deal with kidney stone pain, and how to actually get kidney stone pain relief.

But it wasn’t always that way.

My first experience, over 20 years ago, is still crystal clear in my mind.

You see, my first kidney stone almost killed me.

Or at least that’s what I thought at the time. I distinctly remember telling my wife where all our financial papers were as she frantically drove me to the emergency room. I knew no one could survive anything that could cause such incredible pain.

My concerns were validated by the emergency room staff taking one look at my pain-contorted face and immediately rushing me past a number of people in the waiting room. I assumed they did not want me expiring while in line for service, as it probably wouldn’t look too good.

Soon, morphine was coursing through my body, and it was literally the first I ever heard of kidney stones. And that I would indeed live.

It was also my first experience with the absolute joy of feeling that almost unbelieveable pain slowly fade away.

Unfortunately, it was the not the last time I was to became intimately involved with a kidney stone.

Once I even had dual stones, one in each kidney, that was a joy.

Then there was the time we were on vacation in a small bed and breakfast on the New Jersey coast, I remember the public bathroom down the hall. My wife also has clear memories … of me dragging myself from bed to hot shower, stumbling down the very public hallway, partially wrapped in a towel that didn’t quite go all around me. (One of those trips I remember her holding up a pair of shorts and suggesting I put them on. My response was to bellow, “out of my way, woman!”)

Or there was the time I was due to fly from the Florida Keys to Minneapolis to complete a business purchase, when I was hit with a stone in the early morning hours. Have you ever tried to get pain meds from a hospital in the middle of the drug running capital of the country, with a doctor very reluctant to hand out any more?

Or, after buying that business, of the 6 weeks working 18 hour days, seven-days-a-week in an industry I was not familiar with, totally hopped up on pain meds because of a recalcitrant stone they could not find during lipotripsy surgery.

Or of the trip to the emergency room in agony from a blood clot generated during that botched surgery. It wasn’t even the stone, it was a stupid blood clot that hurt worse than most of the stones.

Or of the many stones in between … some just brief encounters in the night, others longer relationships that always ended badly.

Bottom line, I’ve had my fill of stones. And, out of pure desperation and a complete abhorrence of pain, I’ve had to develop a system for dealing with the pain.

Obviously, the best way to deal with it is to avoid having kidney stones in the first place. So we’ll talk a bit about what I’ve learned about that, and what works for me.

The next best way is to be able to identify a kidney stone before it hits, and to deal with the pain sooner than later.

And, if it gets really bad, I’ll tell you my secret of pain elimination, usually in just a few minutes.

One thing you should know … I prefer the natural approach as opposed to the medical intervention route whenever possible. I’ve learned that dealing with my stones naturally not only works best (and is a heck of a lot cheaper), it also hurts a lot less.

And I hate pain.

Finally, I’ll tell you about how to truly avoid stones in the future. It doesn’t always work, but since I’ve started implementing it I have dropped perhaps to 5-10% of my previous occurences.

That pretty much wraps it up … while this web site will cover such things as what causes kidney stones, and the best kidney stone diet, and various kidney stone treatments (some very cutting edge!), the primary topic will be the topic dear to my heart which is kidney stone pain relief.

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